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WarZone by Amryn Cross

By Marcy G. Dyer

Back Cover Copy

Cade Blackwell never came home from the war, at least not the same version of himself everyone remembers. He'd like nothing more than to be that man be normal, but with physical and mental scars, it may not be possible. At least he thinks he wants normalcy until he meets Alexandria Holst--cold, blunt, and an absolutely brilliant detective. What begins as nothing but a chance meeting soon rips him from civilian life and thrusts both of them into a murder investigation that has the police baffled and Alex thrilled at the prospect of the puzzle. He shouldn't tempt death, not after nearly dying in Afghanistan, but he's never felt more alive than when he's running through the streets of Washington D.C. Sometimes toward danger, sometimes away from it, but always with her--a woman who both intrigues and frightens him. The shadows they chase may be nothing compared to the darkness in her head. Cade knows one thing for certain. If he's a soldier, Alex Holst is definitely a warzone.

My Review:

Cade Blackwell is trying to adjust to "normal" life outside of the war when he meets Alex Holst. The quirky woman is far from normal and she throws his life into turmoil. A turmoil he loves and fears. Together they race to solve a murder that has stumped the police department. 

While there is no romantic thread between Cade and Alex, they do have a respect for each other. 

The spiritual thread is faintly interwoven in the story, and I suspect it will increase in intensity in future Alex Holst books. It will fun to see how these characters develop over time.

Cade's character was very likable. I've known men like him. Trying to adjust to civilian life, but not quite knowing how. He's structured and honorable, but doesn't know what to do with himself. When he meets Alex, her quirky, blunt style draws him in even though he's not quite sure about her.

Alex's character is a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. She's engaging and intriguing in spite of her bluntness and lack of social skills. Alex's brilliant mind enjoys the puzzle of figuring out the solution to whatever crime she's solving.

The plot kept me turning page after page, and I would recommend this story to anyone who's a fan of suspense novels. Especially ones with unique, fun characters.

Author Bio:

A tomboy with southern belle roots, Amryn Cross was born and raised in Tennessee where she learned the importance of God, family, Southern hospitality, and football. She’s loved the written word from the time she was a child, convinced the squiggly lines on top of the Hostess cupcake really spelled out a secret message.

From an early age, she loved to write stories of heroines who entered a man’s world and excelled. Though she put writing on hold to pursue her love of science, the stories and characters she created were never far from her mind.

After obtaining degrees in biology, medical technology, and forensic DNA and serology, Amryn finally decided to attempt to marry her love of science and writing into something that would glorify God. Thus, her first completed novel, Breathing to Death– an inspirational romantic suspense–was born.

Working full-time as a forensic scientist, Amryn makes time for writing between spending time with friends and family and working in her church. She is also an active member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and My Book Therapy (MBT) and answers writers’ forensic questions at Jordyn Redwood’s Medical Edge blog.

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