Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review of The Joshua Covenant

Are your favorite movies and TV shows military themed, or do you enjoy reading spy novels? If so, then you might enjoy reading The Joshua Covenant, published by Micah House Media and written by David and Diane Munson. David is a former NCIS agent, and Diane is a former Federal Prosecutor.

The Joshua Covenant centers around the life of CIA agent Bo Rider and his quest to stop a dangerous and powerful mole. Not only is Bo’s life at stake, but the lives of those he cares about. As he races to stop the mole, Bo must face a myriad of obstacles, both internal and external, including a secret from his past.

Though the Munsons have written other books about Bo Rider, readers could pick this book up and follow it without having read the others. The authors did a good job of making the story seem believable.

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