Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review of The Betrayal (Precinct 11 Novel)

The Betrayal by Jerry B. Jenkins is a well-written sequel to The Brotherhood. In my opinion, this book was even more fast-paced than the first.

I'm pretty sure I heard that Jenkins is a "pantser" (as in writing by the seat of your pants) when it comes to plotting. As someone who utilizes outlines, I was impressed by how he tied the various subplots of the two stories together (things were set in motion in the first book that really fit and connected with the second). Jenkins also did a good job of interspersing narrative with dialogue.

Men and women of all ages who enjoy a quick read should like this novel (suspense action, romance--it's all in there). In this book, as well as in most of his other stories, Jenkins provides backstory, so conceivably, each story can stand alone. Still, I'd suggest reading the first book because it gives you greater insight into the main character, Boone Drake.

In this sequel, Boone faces a new set of challenges (as if he hadn't already been through the wringer in the first book). Haeley is in trouble, and there are hints of a dirty cop or two on the force. In a race against time, Boone must collect evidence to find out the truth, even if it hurts.

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