Tuesday, July 26, 2011


H.W."Buzz" Bernard, a retired meterologist from The Weather Channel has writtien a new novel, Eyewall.
 Hurricane Janet is predicted to hit South Carolina as a Category 1 hurricane. One lone meterologist in Atlanta sees something nobody else sees and predicts it will hit closer to St. Simon Island, Georgia. It's interesting to experience how one hurricane can affect so many different people.
Bernard introduces you to the characters one by one. He does an amazing job of weaving their lives together as the desperately fight for survival. People rise up as heroes risking their lives to save strangers. As a reader, I'd like to hope I'd reach out to others like this.
Bernard inreases the tension page after page. Don't plan on sleeping until you reach the last page. If you force yourself to put the book down and sleep, the story will intrude on your dreams.
I will surely view the next hurricane in a different light after reading Eyewall.

cover of novel Eyewall

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