Monday, November 10, 2014

Blood & Lies - Release

Blood & Lies

Blood & Lies releases November, 21, 2014. To celebrate, I'm giving away an autographed copy of Down & Out (or an ebook if you live outside of the US). If you would like to be entered into the drawing, please leave your email address. You may spell it out. For example marcy (at) marcydyer (dot) com.
About Blood & Lies
While JD Miller is chaperoning a group of teens on a mission trip to Kherson, Ukraine, one of the boys vanishes from the group without a trace.
Leandra Davis hasn't seen her father in over twenty years when he shows up and asks her to fly to Ukraine to join the search for a brother she's never met. Anger at her absentee father compels her to walk out and ignore his pleas, but anguish at the thought of her brother all alone in a foreign country, at the mercy of kidnappers, convinces her to abandon her life in Odessa, Texas and join the search.
When she and her best friend fly to Ukraine to search for the kidnapped teen, she meets the passionate paramedic, JD Miller. Together, they search for the missing young man and begin to uncover deadly secrets Leandra's father wants to keep hidden.
A large, calloused hand clamped over her mouth and something sharp dug into to her side. "Meddlesome big sister," a gruff, male voice rasped in her ear. The stench of cigarettes on his breath made her want to retch, and her heart rate soared. What did this guy want? She jerked her head to the side, but the man's huge hand only clamped down tight enough to leave bruises, so she clawed at it. With her mouth covered, she couldn't get enough air. He was going to smother her--if he didn't stab her to death first.
"You'll stop struggling if you know what's good for you. Time to learn a lesson." A searing pain sliced through her side and middle, and she clutched at her abdomen--wet and sticky. "Tell Daddy if my boss doesn't get his property back, we'll send both of his children to him piece by piece."
The man removed his hand, and she turned, but he was already gone. She groaned in pain and held her belly. He'd sliced her skin from the left side all the way across to the outer right flank and blood soaked her clothes.
Author Bio:
Marcy G. Dyer is a Registered Nurse and suspense author. Like so many other writers, she began writing at a very young age, but never took herself seriously as a "real" writer until about ten years ago when she began taking courses and learning the craft of writing.

She currently has two novels from the Desert Winds Series available: Down & Out and Out for Blood. Blood & Lies releases in November of 2014 and Lies & Alibis follows the next winter.

Marcy is an alumnus of the Christian Writer's Guild and long-time member of American Christian Fiction Writers and a member of EPIC. She hosts a small critique group for ACFW and is involved in two other critique groups. For anyone seriously interested in becoming an author, she recommends a strong, diverse critique group to help authors hone crafts. She has also been a judge for the Grace Awards and Olympia contest.



  1. Sounds seriously intriguing. I'd love to read this. sheiladeeth at gmail dot com

  2. Glad that I book i have seen a number of chapters is being published. Good job, Marcy! I need to find out how the book ends.

  3. Sheila Deeth is the winner! Sheila, I'll be sending you an email. Congrats!

  4. Very interesting book. Being set in the Ukraine has my interest, partially with the news going on, and partially because I have some friends from college that are missionaries there.

    In the story I wrote that may or may not ever get published, my main character was a former ambassador to the Ukraine. Though the Ukraine or his experience there aren't major parts of the story.