Monday, August 18, 2014

Interview and Giveaway with Catherine Leggitt

Please join me in welcoming Catherine Leggitt. 

Catherine, can you tell us where you're from?

This is actually a complicated question for me, except to say I am a fifth generation Californian. I was born in Oakland, and adopted at two weeks of age. My new parents took me to San Luis Rey in southern California. I spent my childhood on a wonderful farm where my father raised oranges. From a very stable childhood, I have moved all over California during my adulthood (be careful what you wish for). In the twenty-six years I’ve been married to Bob we’ve moved nine times. I truly believe he’s part gypsy.

Nine times! That does sound gypsyish. What inspired you to begin writing?

Although I always said I wanted to write and wrote a few stories in college mostly for my children, I didn’t get serious about writing until Bob retired early and moved me to his dream house in Grass Valley, CA. We lived in a lodge-like log house on fourteen wooded acres with a Grandma-Moses view. BUT, I was a day’s drive from my children and grandchildren, and I had to leave my friends, too. My allergies went insane, AND then menopause hit. Talk about a crazy sad time. I desperately needed a diversion and found it at the keyboard. Down the hill from us was a gray house. Although we’d lived there three years at that time, we’d never seen the occupants. I made up a story about why those people never came out of their house. Seven years and ten rewrites later I published that story as PAYNE & MISERY, the first Christine Sterling Mystery.

I'm so glad to know about your inspiration for PAYNE & MISERY. Now I have to wonder if Christine is inspired by someone real, too. Do you have a mentor?

In the early days of my writing journey, I attended the Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference where I met the amazing author Susanne Lakin, who writes under the name CS Lakin. I credit her with keeping my enthusiasm for writing going during the days I knew I didn’t know enough to write, but the desire wouldn’t go away. Many times, I’d be teetering at the quitting place ready to jump when I’d sit down at the computer and find an encouraging email from Susanne. We met for lunch at times and brainstormed plot ideas. She’s truly been a godsend. I thank God that she shared her tenacity, expertise, and friendship at a time I needed it so much.

She sounds like a wonderful friend. Sometimes we just need that extra encouragement. What are your current writing goals?

With three published books and two more finished, my immediate goal is to find a publisher for the last two. I have come so far on this writing journey. IMHO these last books could be good sellers, maybe best sellers. I have another book plotted, but I don’t feel the pressing urge to complete it. At this point, I’m praying and waiting on God for direction. Another short-term goal is to attend the ACFW conference in September of this year. Perhaps I will hook up with an agent or generate interest in my books there.

Congrats on getting to attend the ACFW conference this year. I can't wait to find out you've contracted with a new publisher after you attend. How do you juggle the promotional aspect of writing with the actual task of writing?

BLEAH! Not my cup of tea, the promotional aspect. I do it gritting my teeth, the same way I take yucky medicine—because I know it’s good for me. Occasionally I am called to do inspirational speaking, which is extremely outside my comfort zone, but always turns out to be fun and special once it’s over. I’ve sold a lot of books doing that. I keep the local Christian bookstore supplied with my books and participate in all the local author stuff I hear about. I spend way too many hours on social media most every day—primarily Facebook, although I’m also on Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads. And I try to go to a writer’s conference and sell my books there at least once a year. This all conflicts with writing time, of course. If I am in the midst of an inspiration, like just happened in finishing my latest book, then writing is mostly all I get accomplished. My husband insists I have a life outside writing.

Funny how husbands think we need lives aside from writing! I must say I love marketing as much as you do. How has your life changed since you wrote your first book?

I have to say I’ve never worked so hard at anything in my life as I have on my books and the payoff has been increased skill at writing. It’s a good feeling to write a book. Even better when people appreciate your work or when God uses it to speak to a heart. Maybe no one but me understands how that has changed the way I feel about myself. Exploring themes as I write has also given me a greater understanding of who I am and who God is. Many years ago, I prayed for creativity. God continues to answer that prayer and for that I am very grateful.

I love how God uses the tools He gives us to change us. Who is your most memorable character and from what novel?

Probably Stryker from the book I just finished, THE ROAD TO TERMINUS. She is an eleven-year-old bald homeless child in St. Louis in 1955 when the story opens. Cars are her special passion and she can name make, year, and model just by seeing the front or back and sometimes just from the outline. But she cannot read. Her favorite possession is a stuffed monkey her mother told her she must always keep with her because it is valuable.

As one of Catherine's critique partners, I can vouch for the endearing nature of Stryker. I love this character. 

Catherine will be giving away a signed copy of Payne & Misery. To enter the contest, you MUST leave your email address. You may spell it out if you'd like: someone (at) something (dot) com. 


    I'm really inspired by Catherine's comment about being encouraged even when she didn't feel she knew enough to write. That's a great testament of faith to follow what she felt was good for her to do and trusting God to work it out. I feel that same way as I begin my journey so it brings me comfort to not feel alone.

  2. Laurie, isn't it nice to hear others who've gone before us and took that step of faith? It always encourages me!

  3. This interview was encouraging and interesting. Thank you both. I would like to be entered in the giveaway. Thank you!


  4. Very good interview, Marcy and Catherine. Allow me to say, though, it's not always the husbands who think the writer in the family needs a life outside of writing. In fact, my wife is called to write (non-fiction) but has a hard time of getting away from the life outside of writing to be able to write.

  5. Jeff, I certainly understand that! Sometimes life has a way of squeezing us!

  6. I would love to win your book to give to my church library, after I read it first.
    Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.
    Janet E.

  7. Catherine has been so gracious! She is going to give all of you a copy of her book! Look for her email so she may get your information to send it to you!