Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Interview and Book Giveaway with Lynette Eason

by Jeff Reynolds

Today, my guest is Lynette Eason. She is the author of several books -- I'll let her tell about them. I'm enjoying reading one of her books, When A Heart Stops (book two of her Deadly Reunions series). And at the end of this blog is a book giveaway for book three -- When A Secret Kills.


Jeff Reynolds:  Welcome to the blog, Lynette. I trust you’re having a blessed day. If I read correctly, did you publish your first book in 2007? What got you interested in writing?

Lynette Eason: Thanks for having me, Jeff. And I am having a great day.  You read correctly. I got the call on February 16th, 2007 that Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense editors, Krista Stroever and Emily Rodmell, wanted to publish what would become Lethal Deception. Lethal Deception released in February 2008. It was a LONG year! LOL. 

As for what got me interested in writing, I was a stay-at-home mom and my husband travelled with his job. Needless to say, I was lonely quite a bit of the time and so I decided to keep myself company with my imaginary friends. <G> My daughter was nine months old when I started writing, so when she slept, I wrote. And with my husband gone quite a bit, I had a lot of time to pound out the story. At first, I wrote just because it was something to fill the hours. Then I started learning more about what writing a novel was all about thanks to a mentor named Dee Henderson and by the time I finished the first book, I wanted to see if I could get published. Eight years later, it happened.
JR: While math is usually a good subject for me, I lost count. How many books do you have currently published? Do you work on just one book at a time?

LE: LOL. I’ve kind of lost count, too. And I don’t mean that in an arrogant sort of way. I really don’t bother to keep up with the number because it’s not very important to me.  BUT, for those who want to know, I’ll figure it out. I have six books out with Revell (counting WHEN A SECRET KILLS releasing May 1) and fourteen out with Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense line. I also have a short ebook out with Revell called GONE IN A FLASH. It’s a continuation of the Women of Justice series. I have six more books still contracted with Revell that I need to write and I have eight more books with Love Inspired Suspense (I’ve already written two which will be out later this year.) I also just finished a 10,000 word short read for Harlequin which will be a free online read. It will span a period of four weeks, one chapter per day for twenty chapters. So, yes, if you want to read the whole thing, you have to log in every day for twenty days. Ha. So, how many is that? 6+14 = 20 books out, 14 in the pipeline, 1 short ebook and the online read. I think that about covers it.

I’m usually writing at least two books at a time—one for Revell and one for Love Inspired Suspense. And I’m working on something that’s just fun for me (not very often and not usually for very long due to my paying obligations, but…) so right now, it’s two books and a third upon occasion. I also fit the online read in the schedule last month.

JR: You have finished the Women of Justice series and Deadly Reunions series and currently are working on the Hidden Identity series: Could you tell us about your latest offering? Also, do you have any other recent releases?

LE: Yes, I’m so glad to have those two series finished. The last book in the Deadly Reunions series releases on May 1, 2013! Woohoo! I’ve gotten a lot of hate mail for the cliffhanger endings in the first two books! LOL. I’m very glad to wrap everything up and satisfy my readers’ curiosity.

Then the first book in the Hidden Identity series will release in the spring of 2014. The title is No One To Trust. It will deal with the Witness protection program and the lives of those are affected by crime and the effort to stay alive while putting the bad guys behind bars. There will be two more books in the series after that. I’ve also just sold another series to Revell to be release in the coming years. I’m very excited about that series that will deal with female bodyguards. The research has been so much fun.

On the Love Inspired front, I have two books coming out this year. One in August called Hide and Seek and one in December called Christmas Cover Up.
JR: Your website mentions you are a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), the Romance Writers of America (RWA), and Faith, Hope, and Love (FHL). How do each of these groups help your writing, and what is your involvement with them? Also, I'd like to hear about what FHL is.

LE: They are all professional writers groups. Each group has different advantages and offerings. One being they all offer contests for published and unpublished authors. In 2006, I placed second in the Touched By Love contest offered by Faith Hope and Love group. FHL is a part of the Romance Writers of America organization and is the Inspirational division. RWA has the prestigious RITA contest for published authors and the Golden Heart contest for the unpublished. All are just really great organizations with members who are fabulous about helping new authors get off the ground.

JR: Your husband Jack has an interesting sounding ministry. Could you tell us about him? How do your ministries complement each other, and how do you manage to keep from heading in two (or more) different directions all the time?

LE: Jack is multi-faceted. It’s hard to know where to start. LOL. He is a professional fundraiser for Christian radio stations all over the country so his job entails a lot of travel. He also is the director of the Pursuit conference ( ) which is a conference for high school to college age students who believe God is calling them into full time ministry. The conference has ministers from all areas of ministry there to answer questions and empower these young people to be present and future ministers.

However, to answer your next question, because of his many contacts in radio, he’s able to get radio interviews for me, etc. He takes at least several copies of my books to every radio station he goes to and hands them out. Sometimes they even use them as giveaways in order to entice people to make a donation to the station. Jack also has me share at his conferences about how writing is a ministry and what to expect if you want to write full time and be published.

Jack’s also very involved in music himself. He played keyboard in a band and is often asked to do music for youth groups and camps. As far as making sure we’re on the same page (pun intended), we simply make time to sit down and discuss what needs to be discussed. We do the bills on Saturday or Sunday afternoon before he has to be somewhere on Monday. We Skype a lot, email, text, chat online, etc. We just make the time. It’s just making the effort to keep it all together, you know? Sometimes it’s crazy (okay, most of the time), but we manage to make it all work. To put it simply: It’s a God thing.

JR: Between your writing, you and Jack's ministry, and your involvement with the three groups, I'm sure you have an occasional opportunity to minister. Have your readers let you know what impact your stories have, or any ministry you've had with the members of your groups (such as being hostess for ACFW's Romantic Suspense loop?

LE: I consider my writing the full time ministry God has called me to. It’s a different ministry, as opposed to serving in a church or on the mission field in Africa or something, but it’s still definitely ministry. I get emails all the time about how my books have touched lives or just kept a lonely person company. It’s a real blessing to hear those comments from readers.

JR: Thank you very much for your time. Please pass along your webpage so we can follow you.

LE: My website is: and I’m SO EXCITED that it’s going to be getting a complete overhaul soon! Readers can also find me on Facebook at and twitter: @lynetteeason.

Jeff Reynolds, addressing the reader: I hope you enjoyed this interview. Is Lynette's prolific bibliography something that intimidates you as a writer, or an encouragement to keep plugging? Like Lynette's writing, do you see what you're doing as full time ministry? Any other source of inspiration through this interview?

And now for the book giveaway. To win her latest book, leave a comment with your e-mail address and share with us how a suspense or mystery novel has had an impact on your life. (And yes, of course that includes romantic suspense and mysteries.)


  1. I actually just wrote an article about how suspense and mystery has changed my life... for me, it all started with Ollie Chandler. :-)
    Mysteries are so good. Thank you for this interview and give-away! I love author interviews!
    Faith mickeydog(at)myfairpoint(DOT)net

  2. My love of suspense novels actually started with Lynette Eason! I had maybe read one or two before, but I picked her up on a whim and have been hooked ever since! I still love plain old romance and "fluff", but the intensity and excitement of Lynette's (and now other authors) writing is addicting! Unfortunately, I've fallen behind on my collection, so thank you for this giveaway!


    1. Jordan! I'm so honored! :) Thank you so much for reading my books. Glad you enjoy them. :)

  3. I almost can't remember I time when I wasn't reading mystery/suspense books. I had a speech problem when I was real young and therapy for that was to read out load for practice. So I hated reading as a kid. Then my mom brought home a collection of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, I was hooked to mysteries and a love of reading. As an adult, I still favor reading books like that from Dee Henderson and Mrs. Eaton's to others like Patricia Cornwell. There's something about a good mystery that's just fun. Faye

  4. Hi Faye, thanks for stopping by. And I started my love of mysteries with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, too! So glad you enjoy the books. God Bless.

  5. It may sound corny but I do have a story where I feel having read mystery stories helped me.
    I started reading the Nancy Drew books when I was 10 (I am now in my mid-twenties) and then went on to The Hardy Boys, my love of mysteries and suspense started then. When I was about 11 I was walking from the Library back to my Great Grandma's house and noticed a man walking about half a block (small town size) behind me, I didn't think much of it until he took 2 of the same turns that I did, so I decided to to find out if he was following me for sure. I crossed the street a couple of times and took a couple of unnecessary turns, he stayed right behind me. I was beginning to get scared but I kept walking on the main street trying to keep in highly visible area. I didn't want this person to know where I was going in case he might try again on another day, so when I got within 2 blocks of my Great Grandma's house I pulled a Nancy Drew on him. He was across the street from me and was going through a parking lot so I used that fact and ran quickly, making 2 quick sharp corners, and went in the back way to Great Grandma's house. Just the overactive imagination of a kid? Nope, several weeks later I found out the same person had followed other girls and had behaved very inappropriately when he stopped them.
    So I credit Nancy Drew with saving me from a predator.

    Hmmm, now I wonder, if reading Nancy Drew taught me that, what could my love of Agatha Christie do? Scary isn't it?

    I absolutely love Christian Suspense, Blackstock, Henderson, Heitzmann..... And so MANY others. I haven't read any of Lynnette's books yet but I do have When A Heart Stops on my TBR shelf.

    Jasmine A.

  6. Hi Jasmine, thanks for sharing your story. What a scary thing to happen! Glad you got away safe. :) Hope you enjoy the read.

  7. Lynette Eason is one the first Christian writers that I read when I started back reading. I love her writing and has always felt uplifted by it. Her writing reminds me constantly of our need to rely in God especially in adverse circumstances. I also think of her books as good ways to share the Gospel in a non threatening way.

    Thanks for this giveaway.


    1. Thanks so much, lleana, I appreciate your kind words.

  8. I'd say that Lynette's books have inspired me to be grateful for everyday, one day at a time and that no mater how bad things seem that God is with you and loves you! Plus her books are exciting and have lots of action that I can't put down! :) Thanks for your hard work that do keep me company and provide enjoyment!

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer! I'm so glad God speaks through my books. That is the prayer of my heart.

  9. I love mysteries and romantic suspense, especially those with a Christian message. I am encouraged to trust God, be steadfast and not give up when life is crazy. Lynette is a favorite so I am excited at the chance to win her newest book. Thanks!
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

  10. Thank you for featuring Lynnette Eason today! I love a good suspense novel. I find myself looking for ways for the hero to protect himself/herself in dangerous situations. It's an awareness for me personally to be creative in potential situations that could possibly arise. Thank you for offering this contest!

  11. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon. I loved mysteries. I now write mysteries and my main character, Trixie, is named after Trixie Beldon.

    Debbie Malone
    debbiejeanm at gmail dot com

  12. It was nice to learn a little about Lynette. I see her name frequently as I am a member of ACFW. A success story encourages us all, and a reminder that it takes time is valuable. Please enter me in the contest!

  13. Mary, I'd love to enter you, but you need your e-mail address to enter as well. Otherwise, I have no way to contact you if you win. Thanks.

  14. Thanks for having Lynette on your blog. I love seeing how a great mystery writer thinks. Love her books, and thought about being one of those emailers when I finished When A Heart Stops. lol Can't wait to read When a Secret Kills!

  15. Oh my gosh... I don't know how Lynette does it! That's a lot of books and a lot of writing. It's great to see writing used as a ministry. Fiction has the opportunity to encourage people and build them up, and so often just the opposite happens. Enjoyed the interview!

  16. These books are a great ministry and I believe are reaching people who are not in a church. I've not had the pleasure of reading any of her books but plan to look for them.
    O Norman

  17. Ever since I was a young girl, I have been reading mysteries. Grew up reading Nancy Drew,and Trixie Belden and loved them. Coldn't wait for the next one to come out. Am finding that I have gone back to my old love of reading mysteries a lot again. Lynn is one of my favorite authors and have read several of her books. Thanks for the opportunity to win this one.


  18. I think reading these books make me more aware of elements of society that I was naive about when I was younger. It makes me more compassionate to those around me.

  19. Lynette's comment about her "imaginary friends" gave me a good chuckle. That's what my hubby asks me about with regards to my writing on a regular basis - "How was your day with your imaginary friends?" LOL

    I enjoy reading romantic suspense especially - not just for the romance factor - when I need to be reminded that God WILL bring justice to the wrongs of the world. It may not happen in my timing, but it IS coming. A good romantic suspense that ends with justice in one form or another, and a happy ending, parallels scripture for me in the sense that I've read the end of the Bible - God wins! *G* Sometimes I need that reminder while facing life in this fallen, sinful world.

    Keep up the fabulous work, Lynette!


  20. I love Lynette's books. It takes such talent to able to hook the reader on page one and she definitely has that ability. That is why I have loved mystery and suspense books since I was in elementary school. I just can't put them down. I can't wait to read When A Secret Kills!!!

    1. I forgot my email address is

  21. I just read "When a Heart Stops" and it's the first book of Lynette's that I've read. I couldn't put it down! It usually takes me 2 or 3 weeks to read a book because I get disinterested in them, but I finished this one in just a couple of days!
    I love how she keeps you guessing, and how in the end, she puts *most* of the puzzle pieces together! :) I'm so excited to read the When A Secret Kills!!
    This book impacted me because even when it looked like there was no way to end the case and bring the killer to justice, God answered prayer and led them to the killer. It goes along with some stuff I'm experiencing in my own life of being frustrated because it seems like the Christians won't win because the evil is just too great. But God will always win, and He will show Himself strong no matter what! Thanks for a great read Lynette! I will definitely be checking out your other books in the near future!


  22. I've been reading mystery books since I was a child. Enid Blyton was my author of choice and I just knew I was going to grow up to have adventures. I suppose being a mom and wife is a dangerous thing these days :) I still love to read of people doing great things and overcoming obstacles, which I suppose is why I am so drawn to mystery and suspense.