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Interview with Linda Rondeau

Winner of the 2012 Selah Award for best first novel (The Other Side of Darkness/Harbourlight),  LINDA WOOD RONDEAU, writes stories of redemption and God’s mercies. Walk with her unforgettable characters as they journey paths not unlike our own. After a long career in human services, mother of three and wife of one very patient man, Linda now resides in Florida where she is active in her church and community.

Readers may visit her web site at

Her second book, America the Second, is a futuristic political thriller now available in ebook on and  Kobi.  Her serial story, Rains of Terror is prequel.  

Linda’s highly successful Christmas Adirondack romance , It Really IS a Wonderful Life, is available through, published by Lighthouse of the Carolinas and will soon be available wherever books are sold.
Her first devotional book, I Prayed for Patience/God Gave Me Children, by Helping Hands Press, is now available in all ebook formats.     

Tell me more about your latest release.

My newest novel, (release date to be announced) is Days of Vines and Roses.. An estranged couple, a writer and her publisher husband, end up spending a summer together in a colonial home. Henry has resisted spending much time at the house, only what the business required, as he believes the house is haunted and the malignant forces within seem to target only him. When the couple moves toward reconciliation, the paranormal beings begin to target Sylvia as well. It is not until they give their hearts to the Lord that they realize the inexplicable presence is Satanic. 

How long does it take you, on average, to complete a novel?

I'm a slow writer and need about nine months to a year to write a book. I've put out a lot of titles this year, but they are books I had previously written and only needed to revise. After three months of work on my current work in progress, I had to put it aside due to chemo therapy and resultant "chemo brain."  Now that the chemo is dissipating, I'm able to conquer new material once more, but it is a slow process. Almost like learning how to walk again. 

How many books have you written?

I wrote eight novels and one non-fiction book before my first published book, The Other Side of Darkness, a romantic suspense, which won the 2012 Selah Award for best new novel. The second book, America the Second, a futuristic thriller, was published soon after. If I had it to do over again, I probably wouldn't have tried to venture so far away from my first published book so soon. Live and learn. There is something to be said about developing a type of writing that your readers will expect. My third book, It Really IS a Wonderful Life, a contemporary romance, became an instant best seller on Amazon ebook. That was truly amazing. My non-fiction was published next along with a prequel, via serial, of America the Second, entitled Rains of Terror. At this time, my future books will be focused on contemporary romance/suspense as is Days of Vines and Roses. 

What authors have influenced your writing style?

I am influenced by the classics and mythology. I like books that are character driven. While I enjoy historical fiction, I do not feel I'm ready to tackle that genre at this time. Maybe some day. I have loved the saga type books.  My books have a historical thread, environmental influences, and intrigue. regardless of the genre. 

What special research, if any, did you need to conduct to write your latest release?

For Days of Vines and Roses, I needed to do research on colonial architecture. I also had to research New Haven, Connecticut history. Interestingly, Conn. was spared from most of the Revolutionary War battles, and left it as a strategic place for war planning, often done under the guise of social galas. The only major conflict in Conn was the Battle of New Haven.  The information was important, even though the book is contemporary, to draft the paranormal beings in the home. I also did extensive research on demon possession. 

I chose to incorporate a lot of comic relief in the book as I did not want to give any glory to Satan. 

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Start with smaller works like articles and short stories. It takes time to develop the craft. Don't rush out to self-publish. While it is a legitimate alternative, make sure you're seasoned. Some writers are ready within a few years. It took me a lot longer. 

How can readers contact you?

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