Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review of Journey's Edge

Recently, I read Journey's Edge written by Dora Hiers and published by White Rose. If you like romance or romantic suspense, this book should appeal to you.   

Photo of author Dora Hiers

McKinley Frasier is an accountant who has an angry client on her tail because he didn't like her audit. On the run from the client, McKinley runs into Renner Crossman, a cop turned U.S. Marshall and her former fiancé. McKinley tries to steer clear of Renner to shield herself from past hurt, but when McKinley's daughter's safety is at stake, she is forced to ask for Renner's help.

A woman's face is in the background, and a a little girl in a field of flowers is being watched by a man with a knife behind his back in the foreground.

The book is heavier on romance than suspense (I didn't mind; no complaints here), but for this reason, it may not appeal as much to those who read romantic suspense more for the suspense aspect. Still, the book was fast paced. I stayed up late reading it (always a good sign). Spiritual/inspirational elements flowed organically and didn't feel forced.

Additionally, the characters were extremely likeable. Also, the author utilized deep POV, so I felt immersed in the story. There was at least one twist in the story--I did not see it coming, but that's good. I like not being able to figure everything out ahead of time. 

Bottom line: I enjoyed this book, would recommend it to others, and would read it again. Also, I would read more books by this author after having read Journey's Edge.

In the meantime, if you you think you would like Journey's Edge, you might also want to check out, Journey's End, by Dora Hiers, which comes before Journey's Edge chronologically. 

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  1. Wow! Thanks so much for your review, Heidi. I'm so glad you enjoyed JOURNEY'S EDGE, and I appreciate your comments. Sorry it took me so long to pop on over today, but our 20-month-old grandson invaded our house (and hearts!) this afternoon.

    Your sweet words made my weekend! Thanks again!