Saturday, October 22, 2011

Review of The Brotherhood--A Precinct 11 Novel

In a fiction writing class, I learned that plot is different from story. Plot is more the physical sequence of events that take place in a novel, while story is more the emotional journey that characters travel. The Brotherhood, published by Tyndale and written by Jerry B. Jenkins, contains a plot that is engaging, but the story is what really hooked me. From the start, I cared about the characters.

If your life is rosy, you may not feel as much for the characters in this story, but for anyone who has ever experienced loss or dealt with grief, this book is for you. The novel follows the life of Chicago police officer Boone Drake--an exciting tale of cops and gangs, of death and love--this story will appeal to men and women alike. To sum it up in two words, this book is “real” and “hopeful.” The main character’s life is messy, not perfect--the kind of people I like to read about.

The cover mentions that this is a Precinct 11 novel. I sure hope that means Jenkins plans to make this a series, because I finished the last page, satisfied with the ending, yet wanting more.

The book is available in paperback, hardcover, audio formats, and Kindle. Hurry, Kindle users, right now, the Kindle version appears to be free on Amazon!  :)

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